Our visions for a Good London

Here are some of our visions for a better city that puts all of us first.

  • Rewild London

  • Iconic by Megha Harish

  • @richmondie

    Want do the over-65s want from a London mayor? Axe the garden bridge, regen estates for the ppl who live there, end empty investment flats.

  • Mustafa from Tower Hamlets

  • Prakash from Southwark

  • James from Lambeth

  • Chris from Ealing

  • Anne from Barnet

  • Sabina from Southwark

  • Carla from Ealing

  • Mark from Southwark

  • Peter from Greenwich

  • Donna from Camden

  • Josephine from Camden

  • Stella Duffy from Lambeth

  • The 3 Faiths Forum

  • Gideon from the City of London

  • Caroline from Brent

  • @thoughtfox11

    I would impose rent controls, tax the hell out of cars and launch a huge anti-homelessness programme.

  • Rowan from Lewisham

  • Ruby from Lewisham

  • @Apoyo_a_Rita

    indignaciĆ³n + democracia = Madrid.

  • A Frome Perspective - empower your citizens!

    Pippa Goldfinger with her own unique experiences of participation in Frome. 

  • Contesting and Relocalising

    Saskia Sassen offers her insights on contesting and relocalising London for us all.

  • What is power?

    Jeremy Gilbert talks about different kinds of power and how they are at play in our city.